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Wheelie Challenge APK

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Don’t let the front wheel touch the ground while you perform a wheelie! The Wheelie Challenge is an exciting and versatile game that lets you test your wheelie skills. Overcome a variety of obstacles along the way while keeping the balance. Test your skills with multiple types of motorcycles and bicycles and try to make the longest wheelie ever! It was a pleasure to play the Wheelie Challenge with you!

File NameWheelie Challenge APK
Size46 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
Rating3.0+ stars

It is very popular with people of all ages to play racing games. Despite being busy, you can still enjoy these games since they are challenging and fun. There are also many racing bikes available for download if you’re a biker.
What if you don’t want to play a regular bike racing game, but rather a stunt game? Wheelie Challenge lets you have fun with a bike as you try to hold a wheelie until you reach the finish line!
It’s time to play this challenging game and see what kind of terrains and tracks you can come up with. You can also enjoy different types of bikes with unique styles, designs, and colors, from big ones to bicycles. You can also choose different colors for your bike and rider in this game.
Take your motorbike to the racetrack while customizing the engine. It is possible to change motor parts such as the chassis, wheels, pipes, suspension, speed, and more.

Background Story: Wheelie Challenge APK

Bike riding is easy, right? What if you added the element of keeping your front wheel off the ground? You might think the task is simple. There is, however, more difficulty than you can imagine.
Wheelies are used by the best bikers to demonstrate their skills. Wheelies are used by professional bike riders in wheelie challenges to impress the crowd.
A wheelie was performed for the first time in 1890 by Daniel January. This technique has been used in BMX and Motocross races ever since.
The best bikers in the world have mastered wheelies and can perform them effortlessly. Is it possible for you to do the same? Is it time to put your mettle to the test? Then download Wheelie Challenge APK and get riding.

Have fun performing wheelies

On the Google Play Store, there are so many fun bike racing games to choose from. One search will lead you to a variety of choices, and you can choose from any of them.
It is possible to race against AI as well as against real players in these games. But if you want something less severe, try the Wheelie Challenge! Hold the Wheelie for as long as you can in this game.
In this game, you will enjoy performing Wheelies until you reach the finish line. All you have to do is keep the Wheelie going as long as you can on different tracks. Perform different positions such as Superman, one with one hand, and many more.
You will test your balancing and driving skills in this funny game. Take advantage of the controls by braking, raising the motorcycle, and performing many stunts. Feel free to customize the rider and the bike today!

A highly immersive gaming experience

It will test your balance skills and force you to think quickly. Controls are simple, but mastering them takes time. By tapping the screen you can make your bike move forward, and by releasing it you can prevent it from falling.
To master the rear brakes, throttle, and steering, you need to master the controls. If you don’t want to flip over or fall off the bike in front of everyone, you have to be quick with these things.
You must always keep your front wheel up, as we mentioned above. Playing this simple yet exhilarating game will keep you hooked for hours and have you second-guessing your skills.

Wheelie Challenge Features:

There isn’t a better racing game out there today than Wheelie Challenge. You can expect the following:
It’s time to wheelie for as long as you can – There are many motorcycle games on the market if you seek the ultimate experience. A wide variety of motorcycle racing games are available, from professional ones to street racing games. Wheelie Challenge is something new you should try if you want something different!
In this game, you will be challenged to perform the longest wheelie time in the world! For high scores, you’ll need to hold the Wheelie as long as possible.
A wheelie is the act of lifting the front wheel off the ground while riding a bike. A bike trick like this is one of the easiest to learn, but it’s challenging to master. It’s balancing it and keeping the Wheelie for as long as you can that’s the challenging part.
A variety of tracks with challenging terrain await you here. In addition, you can now fully customize your bike and rider and enjoy many tricks.
Perform as many wheelies as possible – In the Wheelie Challenge, you’ll need to perform wheelies as long as possible to get records. It’s an endless wheelie game since you can only hold a wheelie for so long.
On top of the Wheelie, you can also perform many tricks, including the one-hander, superman pose, squatting position, and more. Here, you can perform many tricks while performing the wheelie stunt.
Make your biker unique – You can also customize your biker today with many different options. Here, you can change the driver, add a passenger, change the body, helmet, weight, gender, head, hair, hat, glasses, and more. It is also possible to change the color of the driver’s uniform.
You can also change the bike part by part. There are several things you can change, including wheels, lights, rear, speed, suspension, pipes, wheels, chassis, rims, drums, and more.
Unlock many types of bikes – This game allows you to unlock scooters, big bikes, and even bicycles! Discover different styles and colors of bikes today.


Wheelie Challenge is the perfect choice for motorcycle enthusiasts and gamers alike. This game offers a variety of customization options, unlocked vehicles, and thrilling gameplay that will keep you engrossed for hours. The Wheelie Challenge is the perfect platform to satisfy your need for speed and excitement, regardless of whether you are a seasoned rider or just starting.

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