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Top Troops APK

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It is a fantasy RPG game that combines strategy with merging mechanics. An easy task to learn, but a difficult task to master.
King’s Bay has been wiped out by the evil brother of the King in the midst of the war!
Build your army, merge your troops, rank them up, and lead them into epic battles in all kinds of game modes: Adventure, PvP Arena, Chambers of Destiny, Ancient Battles with your Clan, etc. It’s your order, your command!
Utilize different roles and factions to customize your troops and defeat the Dark Army. Positions on the field can determine whether you win or lose, so make sure you bring all of your best units and also your brain!
Take command of the wildest army you’ve ever seen, including Wizards, Samurais, Dragons, and even a Vampire Queen! They are waiting for their new commander along with other unique troops.

File NameTop Troops APK
Size183 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.1 and up
Rating3.0+ stars

Top Troops APK is an exciting game where players lead their soldiers to victory as a commanders. In this game, players must strategize and make decisions to protect their troops and conquer enemy territory.
The game allows players to select from a variety of units, including tanks, helicopters, and infantry. As each unit has its unique abilities and strengths, players must carefully consider how they will deploy them. It is also necessary for players to manage their resources, such as fuel and ammo, to keep their troops alive.
There are multiple game modes available, including single-player missions and multiplayer battles online. Also available are unique skins and upgrades for players to customize their troops. Playing the game is an immersive and realistic gaming experience.
This captivating strategy game challenges players to think strategically and outwit their opponents. The engaging gameplay and captivating graphics make it a must-have for any gamer looking for an exciting gaming experience.


  • Quick, Fun & Epic Battles: Choose the right unit combination and watch them use their unique skills in idle battles!
  • Form Alliances With Clans: and help us defeat the Ancients!
  • Rise The Leadership In The Diamond League By Competing: against the best players in the PvP Arena
  • Merge & Rate Up: your troops to knock down the stronger enemies on the battlefield
  • Manage And Expand Your Kingdom: Reconquer your lost lands that were lost to the evil brother of the King
  • Select Your Strategy: Combine units of different factions in different battle roles to maximize your chance of success in the game!
  • Recruit The Best Of The Best: There are a total of +50 Squads available to you, each offering a unique set of skills.
  • A Quantum Of Game Modes: Explore the Magic Island, earn rewards in the Adventure, face other players in the Arena, complete Quests, and discover all the secrets of the Chambers of Destiny in this game mode.
  • Check Back Often: We will be adding new units as well as time-limited events

Could you please tell me if you are ready to face the challenge and lead the King’s Top Troops to victory? Let’s help King’s Bay’s factions retake the land they lost during the Battle of King’s Bay!
This game is free to download and includes an option to pay for in-game items (including random items) if you wish. Drop rates for random items can be found in-game if you wish to know how likely they are to drop. To disable in-game purchases, please go to the Settings section of your smartphone or tablet and turn off the in-app purchases.
You’re enjoying Top Troops, aren’t you? Don’t forget to leave a review for us.


Top Troops APK captures players’ attention with its thrilling challenges and immersive gameplay. This game offers a unique approach to military-themed games with fast-paced battles and captivating missions. In addition to its stunning visuals, realistic sound effects, and user-friendly interface, Top Troops APK offers an engaging gaming experience for both casual and hardcore gamers. Its extensive customization options allow players to customize their troops and weapons, adding another layer of interest and depth. For anyone looking for an engaging and addictive strategy game, Top Troops APK is a must-try.

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