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Thief Simulator: Sneak & Steal APK

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Thief Simulator: Sneak & Steal APK is an action-packed mobile game that lets players assume the role of thieves. The game offers a realistic and immersive environment for players to explore and engage in criminal activity.


To complete various missions, players must navigate through different environments, including buildings, warehouses, and streets in Thief Simulator: Sneak & Steal APK. Stealing items like cash, jewelry, and electronics, or engaging in more complex heists, is up to the player.

File NameThief Simulator: Sneak & Steal APK
Size754 MB
DeveloperPlayWay SA
RequiresAndroid 8.0 and up
Rating4.0+ stars

Sssh! You must have heard about it, right? There’s a mobile spin-off of the world-famous PC game Thief Simulator! Take advantage of the opportunity to steal priceless treasures by being quick, sneaky, and cunning.
An out-of-the-ordinary stealthy simulation experience from House Flipper’s publisher.
Play as a thief who is back in the game. Acquire new skills and equipment to perfect your craft. You can use your cunning to outwit others and go undetected. Rob bigger and richer houses, trade the loot…and avoid being caught under any circumstances!

Robert Ever Richer Houses

The best thieves know the value of their goods. The things hidden in his neighbors’ drawers are also valuable to him.
Take on the role of a pickpocket and become a supervillain! Spread fear, climb the career ladder, and don’t worry if you’re just collecting broken toasters at first. Several opulent villas are already visible on the horizon, ready to be built whenever you are ready. There are hidden safes where your future lies, your pension or your next jail sentence if you slip up. Every lock, no matter how sophisticated, is just an incentive to become a more skilled thief!

Taking Orders

This stupid, 60-inch, full 4K, cost-as-much-a-middle-class-car TV is very dear to Mr Smith, and he wishes he would fall over and smash it. There are, however, limitations to the power of wishes …and that’s where you come in.
Consider various assignments (but don’t judge – your profession does not grant you that right). You can be an angel of revenge (or just jealousy) by stealing items and destroying designated objects. Take advantage of what people are driven by: love, hate, greed, and lust. Remember to take care of yourself – after all, one or two extra golden watches won’t hurt. Before the cops arrive, get out.

The Trade Loot

Your mother told you to share. Naturally, nothing comes for free.
Explore Thief-Net, sell your loot, and buy ever-more-effective equipment with the cash you earn. Get new equipment for your hideout by finding the best bargains, taking risks (after all, that’s where the fun begins! ), and trading information.

Improve Your Thieving Skills

Can you still remember what you wanted to be as a child? Did you ever dream of becoming a programmer? Jewelry designer? What about becoming a mechanic? Do you dream of working from home? Make those dreams come true now!
Get experience and unlock skills that will give you access to brand-new jobs and locations. Learn hacking, jewelry dismantling, lock opening, safes, and car theft.

Get More Information

There is power in knowledge. We don’t mean that game. The slogan above does not advertise our competitors (wait, did we just do that?).
Study householders’ habits to learn their habits. Analyze how long they spend in the flat when they leave, and how often they go out. When they watch TV and when they sleep. They should be in the habit of cooperating with you, such as leaving the window open because it is so hot. You can also purchase information online about the house in question.

Formalize A Plan

It’s fun to have tricks, computers, and other toys, but don’t forget that you already have what you need. Use your wits: a good thief can even break in using a hair from your head (even if you’re bald, it doesn’t have to be your hair) – make use of the clues you’ve picked up, learn the routine of the locals, prepare your equipment, plan your action from A to Z, and pray that the police don’t stop you. What are the chances of something going wrong?

Don’t Be Caught

There is a saying that says opportunity makes the thief. The answer is intelligence. As well as the ability to steal. Also… opportunity is important.
Make sure you move undetected (and if necessary, quickly). Make use of the environment to hide. Make quick work of the locals, the police, burglar alarms, and tracking dogs, and enjoy your loot and well-deserved fame. A thief like you isn’t born every day, is he?


Thief Simulator: Sneak & Steal APK is an exciting and engaging mobile game that will captivate lovers of stealth and theft. Through realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, players can become professional thieves, completing missions and unlocking new abilities. It offers a variety of environments to explore, including bustling cities and abandoned warehouses, each with its own challenges and rewards. The Thief Simulator: Sneak & Steal APK is an addictive and thrilling stealth game for fans of strategy and stealth.

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