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Sky Children Of The Light APK

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Sky Children Of The Light APK was developed by thatgamecompany, known for their visually stunning and emotionally stirring games. During this adventure game, players will journey through a vast, ethereal world.

File NameSky Children Of The Light APK
Size1.82 GB
Developerthatgamecompany inc
RequiresAndroid 8.0 and up
Rating4.0+ stars


The Sky Children Of The Light APK takes players on a journey to discover lost constellations and illuminate the sky. To create a captivating experience, the game combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and social interaction. Taking control of a bird-like creature known as a Sky Child, players explore different realms and discover mysteries of the universe.

Wind paths to the realms – unlock them

As part of the new updated version of Sky, players will also have the chance to restore an important road, which is the winding path. The use of this device is entirely understandable since it is capable of connecting all realms you have ever experienced. You will also use your flying skills to fly in a cloudy environment, and there will be points where you will recognize the road you have travelled.

A journey to bring home the stars

In Sky, the player experiences a world surrounded by stars in which everyone enjoys the eternal light. The stars must not be allowed to remain in their original positions for too long since darkness will force them to move. It is fortunate that they have found a new home in the clouds and are awaiting the chance to return. Only when a child awakens will that happen.
It was the dream of every star to return home to where they belonged, so they prayed for someone who would be able to fulfill this wish. It is the main character in the game, and his story begins when he is awakened by the stars. The job he is doing is understandable, but it will take a long time to bring the lost souls from different locations to one place so they can shine again.

You can activate what you see

Players will find themselves in a place with many portals in the Sky, and naturally, a door opens and leads to the first realm. A joystick will be used to control the characters and guide them on their journey. Moreover, you will undoubtedly be impressed with the bright colors and lighting elements that complement the myths to make them stand out even more. Interact with what you encounter and don’t miss anything.
On the way, you will meet characters with their own stories, and some will provide you with a winged light, which helps you fly. You will know how much of this light you need to collect to increase the energy limit of this character’s flying skills. There are more things in this game that will make you forget about time.

Search out the spirits’ stories and bring them home

When you gain the wing inside the Sky, you will find a shrine, but you won’t be able to access it since you haven’t saved any spirits. Your task is to visit different locations and meet some spirits. The only form they have is in their souls, while their bodies have transformed into earthen rocks. It is your job to help them return to their proper form so that they can fly back to the shrine you see at the beginning of the game.
It’s the stories you hear when you bring these characters home that make this game so great. They will travel through many different areas, and some murals will be prominent there sometimes. Therefore, you will have to spend some time getting to know the story and approaching it. Through a development system, you can also interact with these characters once they return to their original form.
When you let the spirits of the realm return to the temple, you will gain access to it. You will now have to explore the deepest part of the temple to find a statue and interact with it. The stars gathered and returned to the sky as a dazzling constellation was formed by the appearance of a mysterious entity.

Award winner:

  • ‘Game of the Year’ for mobile devices (Apple)
  • The best design and innovation (Apple)
  • The most users in a concert-themed virtual world (Guinness World Record)
  • The best of 2020 (Google Play)
  • Award for Best Mobile Game (SXSW)
  • Webby Award for Best Visual Design: Aesthetic
  • People’s Choice & Best Gameplay Awards (Games for Change)
  • Award for Audience Choice (Game Developers Choice Award)
  • Indie Game of the Year (Tap Tap Game Awards)

Game features include:

This multi-player social game offers countless opportunities to meet new people and play with them.
There is an opportunity for adventure every day. By playing often, you can unlock new experiences and earn candles that can be redeemed for cosmetics.

Create your look

Feel free to express yourself! With every new season or event, there are new looks and accessories to choose from.

Endless experiences

From elder spirits, you can learn new emotes and gain wisdom. You can also invite your friends to a race, have a cozy fire, play instruments, and race down mountains. Make sure you stay away from Krill at all costs!

A cross-platform experience

Play on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 or 5, or Nintendo Switch with millions of real players around the globe.
It’s coming soon to PC! You can now add items to your Steam Wishlist.

Take your artistic skills to the next level

We invite you to join our talented community of creators! Share photos and videos of your gameplay with your new friends, and capture memories.


In Sky Children Of The Light APK, players are immersed in a unique and immersive experience. The stunning visuals and captivating gameplay of this mobile game have captivated millions of players across the globe. Thatgamecompany has created an emotionally engaging and visually stunning experience that has captured the attention of players of all ages. In this open-ended game, players can explore the celestial world and discover the mysteries of the universe. Its soothing soundtrack and serene visuals create a meditative atmosphere that allows players to escape into their private paradise. Sky Children Of The Light APK provides an unforgettable gaming experience and is a must-play mobile game.

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