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Potion Permit APK

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Potion Permit APK is an open-ended simulation RPG where you play a chemist in the small town of Moonbury. Followed by your faithful dog, cure your patients by diagnosing symptoms, gathering ingredients, and brewing potions. And there’s even more to do around town!
Moonbury has always resisted medical advances from the outside world, preferring instead to rely on its traditional healers. When the mayor’s daughter falls ill and the witch doctor is unable to help, they are forced to seek help outside their small community. The Medical Association sends you to Moonbury to cure the mayor’s daughter and introduce the wonders of modern alchemy to the residents. In this open-ended sim RPG, gain the trust of each person and tend to their needs!

File NamePotion Permit APK
Size245 MB
RequiresAndroid 8.0 and up
Rating4.0+ stars

An RPG, Potion Permit takes players on an adventure to cure the mayor’s daughter through tons of missions. Travel to Moonbury, a small town that does not believe in modern medicine, to collect ingredients for your healing potions. Potion Permit’s free APK will help you become the kingdom’s most powerful alchemist.

Improve your skills and expand the city

Potion Permit revolves around healing the sick. To create healing potions, you’ll need to collect ingredients and expand the areas dedicated to growing the ingredients. As well as helping citizens, you’ll also have to construct buildings to help the town thrive. Every decision you make affects the city’s future, so choose carefully which buildings to build and make sure everyone is happy. As you progress through your journey, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills and unlock powerful healing abilities.

Join the good company on this adventure

With Potion Permit, you can unlock the assistance of a faithful canine companion who will never leave your side. You can also cultivate romantic or friendship relationships with the residents. The key to your success is social interaction – get to know your neighbors and get off to a good start. You can change your destiny by building meaningful relationships to explore different aspects of this story.
Play this captivating role-playing and simulation game for Android and become the town alchemist. Make decisions that will improve the city, care for the sick, and form new relationships – everything you do is important in this colorful and cheerful world. Potion Permit is a unique game that allows you to heal the sick through potions.


  • Cure Moonbury’s inhabitants by diagnosing their illnesses, gathering ingredients, and brewing potions.
  • You can upgrade buildings, expand your gathering area, and change the lives of the townsfolk in many different ways as you heal the town.
  • Build relationships with Moonbury’s residents, earn their trust, and eventually find love with one of them!
  • Get your dog to follow you wherever you go and help you in your work by collaborating with them.
  • Enjoy a wholesome, colorful world as you live the apothecary’s life!

Carefully resized for mobile:

  • A revamped interface has been added
  • Achievements in the Game Center
  • Share your progress between Android devices with Cloud Save
  • The controller is compatible with MFi devices


The Potion Permit APK is an engaging and addictive mobile game in which players create potions using ingredients found all over the world. APK offers hours of entertainment for gamers of all ages thanks to its user-friendly interface and captivating gameplay. Its realistic graphics and immersive sound effects further enhance the overall gaming experience. In addition, Potion Permit APK’s potion-making mechanics are intuitive and straightforward, making it an enjoyable and accessible game. Anyone who enjoys crafting and adventure games should check out Potion Permit APK.

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