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Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 Mod Apk ダウンロード 2021

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11 30, 2019

APK version 2.1.3 of the Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 modification has unlimited energy, coins, gems shadow, all weapons, and unlocked cards, the new back menu.

Shadow Fight 2 plays different levels watching your games on your Android phone or tablet, but in this case, I know the maximum height of the Shadow Fight 2 mode that completely resides on this site.

Yes, it is now possible to go to level 1 52-2, easy shadow level fighting, but if you "save file" shadows reinstall a 2 apk + obb or install even fight the older version of the game with apk.

Although I recommend you install the game save level means that you will have 2 alterations to back up all your shadows files to play the game fighting your Android phone or tablet game to Google.

Shadow Fight 2 is important to be taken to the Max level 52 data event by mistake or fight it is a new update to your Android device game uninstalled.

Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 all the abilities hacked easily so you must be unlocked before it must completely reach a certain level.

Shadow Fight 2 Max level 52 Apk Hack Mod

Enchantment items such as Throwing Daggers, Shurikens, Assassin’s Kunai, Kunai, Harvesters of souls, Hunters Knife, Star knife, Steel knife, Silver Shurikens, etc can be unlocked with unlimited amount of gems or coins available in the game easily.

A throwing knife shuriken, kunai killer kunai, soul pruning, hunting knife, star knife, steel knife, silver shurikens, etc. Item can be unlocked to release an unlimited amount of jewels or game coins are not readily available.

Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 Properties

Here are 2 fighting basic properties: 52 max levels of change for the Android version read or shaded in the shade.

The main features are as follows:

  • How to play additional games unlocked with the ability to add maps.
  • All sorcery, textiles, etc. to easily unlock an unlimited number of gems and coins
  • Use the castle to learn new combinations of skills available for new combat abilities.
  • Automatically save gameplay to Google
  • 52 absolute maximum level that we work on all 100% of Android devices.
  • Save up to a maximum of 52 files on the push

Download Latest Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 Apk + Obb

Section, download where you can now shadow fight 2 The maximum level of change is 52, which is read, store rev obb file, etc. included

Download the following links:

Android Folder OBB Info: Erase Device Memory.

You need this Data file to get level 52 

Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 Obb Data 2.1.3


Shadow Fight 2 V2.1.3 Lvl 52 Apk 

The file above is in ZIP or RAR format to extract it you will need Zarchiver App which you can download below:

  Zarchiver Pro Apk

What is new

  • Full amount of jewelry or money.
  • The power was completely unlocked.
  • Max went to level 52

How To Install Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 On Android

Now if you have downloaded 52 Maximum 2 Height of the Shadows, this version will waste a lot of time from time to time, then you are said to be easy to install, carefully proceed without following the steps.

How to install steps:

  1. Make sure that the Zarchiver Zip or RAR file removal application is already installed on the device, or download link and install provided above.
  2. Now in the Zarchiver Bewerbungsmappe shade, you fight your downloads with the Level 2 52 file .rar obb data acquisition.
  3. The OBB information on the file, select "Remove" will pop up, see the picture went down with the next click for menu options in the menu below the home. Shadow fight 2 Max Level 52 Apk Obb Data
  4. Click the view on the name Track or Folder () at the top Download Now The Zarchiver application interface you already have. Read below. Shadow fight 2 Max Level 52 Apk Obb Data
  5. As pointed out in the picture below, when you still click on the far icon or button in the "Device Memory" section.Shadow fight 2 Max Level 52 Apk Obb Data
  6. As pointed in the image below, click on the extract icon or button while you are still in “Device Memory” section. Shadow fight 2 Max Level 52 Apk Obb Data
  7. Other sub-folders that they are automatically extracted from the Android default folder on the remove icon or button after clicking on the OBB data files. Wait until it reaches 100%. Shadow fight 2 Max Level 52 Apk Obb Data
  8. Finally, click on the Options menu pop-ups and install Open Fight Level 2 52 by apk shadow.

Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 Mod Apk ダウンロード 2021 Latest Version

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Guys Shadow Fight 2 Max Level 52 Mod Apk ダウンロード 2021 は非常に人気のある アプリです。 によって作成されました。 そして、これまでに100万回以上ダウンロードされています。 また、AndroidとiOSの両方で無料で利用できます。

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