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Grandma Horror Multiplayer APK

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The Grandma game is a multiplayer horror game in which you will continue the story from No Rest, but this time you will be faced with the “grandma”, a monster whose name is Granma. There was a lady who used to be very sweet but lately had begun acting very strangely like all the inhabitants of the town for no particular reason. She went from being sweet to being bloodthirsty.
Together with other survivors, you will try to escape the house where Granma has trapped you, but you must be very careful since she might not be alone.

File NameGrandma Horror Multiplayer APK
Size130 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.1 and up
Rating3.0+ stars

Granny Horror Multiplayer features a creepy old woman guarding a sinister house, which you must escape. You must move stealthily from room to room, collecting items that will assist you in solving puzzles along the way.

The horror game with multiplayer

When you start playing Granny Horror Multiplayer, you can choose between two game modes. Join the multiplayer mode and join players from all over the world if you have an Internet connection. By having voice chat rooms, you can plan tactics together in real time.

It is also possible to play offline

There is an option for single-player play in the offline mode, in case you prefer to play alone. By choosing this option, you will have full control over your actions. In light of that, you’ll always need to escape unaided whenever the scary granny spots you.

Fantastic 3D graphics and music

The incredible 3D graphics in Granny Horror Multiplayer enable you to see all elements in detail. The outstanding background music will help create a sinister and creepy atmosphere at the same time. If you can handle intense fear, you should give the game a try with headphones to appreciate the sounds.

A familiar interface

Each challenge in the Granny Horror Multiplayer has simple controls to make your job easier. You can crouch, jump, or shoot certain weapons by tapping on the action buttons, and you can move around the house with the controller. In addition, you can rotate the camera to see the different areas of the rooms, making the game even more enjoyable.
Granny Horror Multiplayer APK for Android lets you survive each round as a creepy old woman armed with a machete. Step on wood, breathe in the heavy scent of blood and progress through various rooms without stumbling. Any wrong action could result in you succumbing to death, and escaping the house unharmed is unlikely.


In Grandma Horror Multiplayer APK, you will experience elements of horror and multiplayer gameplay in one game. A survivor must escape the clutches of an evil old woman known only as Grandma. There is a dark and atmospheric setting in the game, with Grandma’s house as the main location. The game features a variety of gameplay mechanics, including puzzles and stealth. It allows players to explore Grandma’s house and uncover secrets while avoiding her eyes. Players can work together or compete against one another to survive in the multiplayer component of the game. The Grandma Horror Multiplayer APK offers an immersive gaming experience that features thrilling gameplay and a chilling atmosphere.

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