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Goat Simulator 3 APK

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A new episode of Pilgor has been released on TV. There’s no limit to how unsocial you can be during family dinners now. That’s great!
Goat Simulator 3 Mobile offers the same open-world exploration and destruction as its PC and console counterparts. Drive without a license, headbutt civilians, or take a yoga class! In real life, it’s just like that.
If you play any of the seven minigames with a friend, you will be able to create mayhem together, become enemies, or cause mayhem together.
You can play the game on two devices if you don’t have a friend. We won’t tell anyone.
You can play on San Angora’s giant sandbox island right from your hoof!

File NameGoat Simulator 3 APK
Size1.19 GB
DeveloperCoffee Stain Publishing
RequiresAndroid 9 and up
Rating4.0+ stars

We’re ready to raise the Baaa…

The new third-person sandbox adventure game Goat Simulator 3 lets you become the literal GOAT. In Goat Simulator 2, you’ll headbutt, lick, and triple-jump your way across the giant island of San Angora, which is filled with new areas, challenges, and events.
But what is the point of being a goat without friends to explore with? Bringing a herd of goats together to wreak havoc on the world is possible in Goat Simulator 3.

Want to become…a goat?

You can play Goat Simulator 3 with goats! We have tall goats, stripy goats, angry goats, and wacky goat variants yet to be discovered – all of them customizable with ability-infused gear from horn to hoof. Make your fashion statement with the latest trendy nonsense, like toilet rolls, tea trays, jetpacks, and more. You can be the goat you’ve always wanted to be.

Gather your flock

Besides goats, you can also have goat friends! In Goat Simulator 3, four players can work together, either locally or online. Explore San Angora together, cause cooperative mischief aplenty, compete in 7 fun multiplayer mini-games… Until we are no longer friends.

New pastures to explore

With tons of hidden quests, secrets, and collectibles to discover, a vast new sandbox awaits. If your hooves get tired (or if you’re lazy), try grinding, driving, or exploding your way across San Angora.

Disrespect your environment

All manner of mayhem will be wreaked upon NPCs, leaving no one unaffected. Fire, electricity, and alien goo are just some of the elements you can use to push this brave new world to its limits. In the end, it’s still a Goat Simulator.

Features include:

  • The goats! You’ll find goats of all sizes, fishy goats, and goats with hats
  • There are some quests, challenges, and secrets to discover in this open-world game
  • In multiplayer mode, you can bring chaos together with a friend
  • Take the friendship to the next level with seven different mini-games
  • Make your goat’s true powers shine by outfitting him in a wide range of gears
  • It’s ragdoll physics and Newton is slapped in the face.


Goat Simulator 3 APK is a hilarious new addition to the Goat Simulator series. In this game, you’ll find improved graphics, new mechanics, and a variety of challenging levels. Its open-world gameplay allows for endless exploration and hilarious antics. Whether you’re a seasoned goat player or new to the franchise, Goat Simulator 3 APK is sure to entertain. This crazy sandbox game requires you to grab your goat horns and get ready to wreak havoc.

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