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Psiphon Pro Lite Handler Apk Download 2023

Updated On:
May 31, 2018

Download Psiphon Pro Lite Handlers Connection is faster than any other handler for all versions of Android phones.

The odiseo pro-light handler is very small, which is about 2.90MB. It really strives for the developers, a big thanks to him for the wonderful work he has done, the app does not bring much space to your phone like a normal handler functionality.

Psiphon pro lite handler apk


  • Port away
  • Proxy type
  • Representative server
  • Real proxy server
  • Real proxy type
  • Port.

Download Link

Psiphon Pro-lite Handler.apk

Psiphon Pro-lite Handler Settings

  1. Install and Open Pro Lite Handler.
  2. Remove the tick port.
  3. Proxy Type: Real host or dual host.
  4. Proxy Server: For example, the website is used, ISP is allowed to publish.
  5. Port: 80, and click OK to save.
  6. Tick ​​Tunnel Entire Device.
  7. Choose the best server you choose to connect to automatically start on any server left on Psiphon.
  8. To activate lights with the dialog box, click OK to pop-up the pro. 

Psiphon Pro Lite Handler Apk Download 2023 Latest Version