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2021.1.0.440 for Android
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Jan 28, 2021
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Wizards of the Coast
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Android 6.0+

MTG Arena Mobile is officially only available on PC, but there is a way for fans to play MTG on Android mobile devices.

With MTG Arena Mobile, Coast's Wizard Neo has undoubtedly taken the MTG digital experience to a whole new level. MTG has not only made drawing and gaming more accessible in MTG than before, but they have also brought an exciting new visual element to the game. However, one area where Magic Arena will stumble upon is only available for PCs. Fortunately, for those who want to run MTG Arena Mobile on Android devices, there is a solution to this problem.

Before the Coast Wizards announced their planned release on Mac OS, before we learned how to play MTG Arena on Mac, Reddit was full of questions about the possibility of a mobile release for WhatsApp's new feature.

WotC's April game booth gave us another update and now, almost a year later, in January 2021, the mobile game showcase at the Kaldheim 2021 event, took the world of MTG Arena into the hands of mobile users.

MTG Arena on Mobile: Story

It has been proven that other games like Chulha and Infinity are very successful as they are available in the cellular market. Why did MTGA take so long to build the road to Mobile Avenue? The road has been long and difficult to follow.

Much Online In addition to further discussion, the statements made by the visitors to the coast regarding the planned presentations and development are the most obvious place. In his sophisticated announcement in September, he gave us a roadmap that covers his current focus.

On January 7, 2021, the day of the Kaldheim set, the "Weekly MTG" stream was operating in the arena game. On the same day as shown in the comparative article on motherhood, we received all the information needed for the Arena mobile release in the coming months. The game will be released on January 28th in open beta for Android and next month for iOS.

The only question is how the application works. Everything and more is coming soon. Hold on to your hats!

The Gameplay

Now let's talk about playing using this (or any other screen sharing method). You will definitely play slower on PC / Mac due to restrictions, but not as difficult as to where it is impossible to play. Practice makes perfect anyway, so go crazy. We face the same issues regarding board position and stack.

Unfortunately, there is no way around it. All you have to do is grind your teeth and stick with it. Another thing to mention is that it was mild at the time, but it wasn’t terrible either. A little annoying to deal with. However, this depends largely on what you are using from your internet connection, PC / Mac, and phone, and is not really accessible.

This is a fun experiment that makes you feel a lot better about releasing the current mobile version on the horizon than publishing the actual app. If you want my guess, they improved the gameplay and UX design, cleared the screen as much as possible, and found a way to deal with as many triggers and crazy board states as possible.

How does the MTG Arena mobile application work?

Basics: Game Engine Utility

As we discussed in one of our articles, the MTG Arena is built using the Unity game engine. The engine is specifically designed to make their games available on a variety of platforms, including Mac OS, Xbox, PlayStation, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Our previous hypothesis turned out very nice on the nose. The wizards improved their systems and code and experimented with moving the MTG Arena to another platform behind closed doors to see how smoothly the transition from platform to platform went.

This is a generally unpredictable way Sean said during the launch of Zendikar Rising AKA. That day was not announced by anyone other than []].

The Hasbro Q32020 notes confirm that MTGA will be launched on Android and iOS at the same time. The Unity Game Engine makes it a lot easier because they have the right code.

Description: Working in the game

Now that we know that the Android and iPhone versions are imminent, we can predict what will probably be one of the biggest challenges: MTG makes the arena playable on a much smaller screen. In the same Reddit post mentioned earlier, there are players who support the small screen and there are players who oppose the small screen.

We know that games like Chulha and Infinity can be played on mobile devices, but there is very little difference between MN and MTG. The biggest thing is that MTG board states can be more complex than Hearthstone or Eternal. This is due to the rules of how much you can talk to the board.

With MTG, you are in complete control of making yourself as crazy as your heart desires (to an extent) and browsing can be very difficult and difficult. I mean, can you imagine moving around a little phone screen?

Even on a computer screen, it's enough to configure. Doing all this on the phone is a new level of fatigue.

So, are there some ways to make sure that the game can still be played on the phone? Here are some possible solutions that can be integrated for mobile versions of WotC MTG Arena:

  • Press the screen to enlarge it
  • Tap the screen to automatically zoom
  • Create a "lite" version of MTG Arena
  • Do automated tasks such as b. Automatic blocking

There is also a pile to consider after that. In the other games mentioned, you can't communicate with your opponent, which makes it very easy to get through. Magically, half the fun of magic interacts with your opponent (and hopefully randomly).

At any point in the game, there is always a potential conversation without the other player being able to respond to their conversation. A series of effects? These possibilities can compromise with its usefulness on small screens.

In the case of complex board states, stacks, and technical problems that the assistant wants to solve first, there are some obstacles to overcome. With all that said, to give you another good side, it's still possible to play MTG Arena on your phone! How is that possible, you ask? We'll get to it in just a second.

A look into the future: app preview

During the promotional event for Zadikar Rising, we got a glimpse of what the mobile user interface for MTGA will look like.

It's a much cleaner and more basic design. Your opponent's hand is also tilted towards the most precious screen location. Your avatar will be moved to the bottom left corner to keep it a little better. This will make the playground more visible and open to you and your opponent's state.

We've recently found more images, including screenshot shots, hand openings, as well as card descriptions, and the mechanics of the cemetery menu.

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