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Cooking Madness APK

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It’s time to enter the world of fine dining with this amazingly addictive cooking simulation game. So preheat your stovetop, prepare your garnishes and spices, and let’s cook! The game is called Cooking Madness for Android. Since the game is a cooking simulator, it is fairly simple to understand and play. Any age group can easily pick up their Android and play. This, combined with super-simple controls, makes the game accessible to players of all ages.

File NameCooking Madness APK
Size336 MB
DeveloperZenLife Games Ltd
RequiresAndroid 4.4 and up
Rating4.0+ stars

Cooking Madness resembles other popular Android games like Cooking Mama or Cooking Fever. You need to serve as many customers as possible before this busy bar closes!
This colorful game features catchy music and colorful graphics, so you’ll need to work hard to prepare all the dishes ordered by the customers. Everything from cooking hamburgers to serving pints of beer is available in Cooking Madness!
Your time management skills will be tested in this game, as you’ll need to work quickly to serve all your customers. Moreover, the more levels you beat, the faster you’ll have to tap the screen to prepare your orders… so make sure you concentrate! The more customers you serve, the more coins you earn, and the more upgrades you can make to your cooking equipment.
If you take too long to serve them, they will leave, causing you to lose money and throw their order away. It’s a fun casual game, Cooking Madness. Try it out and prove you’re the best chef in town!

How to Start Cooking Madness

Let’s start with the basics. Your journey starts at a fine beachside restaurant with an outdoor grill. Each level consists of completing any given order while racking up as many points as possible. After all is said and done, you will be rewarded with more coins to spend on products and tools to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.
You can start cooking by selecting the missions you wish to complete. Each level must be completed sequentially, so no skipping.
Everyone should be patiently seated while placing their orders. It’s not the case, however. Customers are coming straight to you with their orders. It is important to fulfill orders within a certain time frame, otherwise customers will lose patience.
To complete each stage, certain objectives must also be met. Your like meter can be increased by giving accurate and swift orders, or by completing a certain number of orders. It doesn’t matter what the task is, a Master Chef can handle it!
Will they order beer, milkshakes, steak, or all of the above? Are you capable of handling dozens of hungry guests’ quick requests?

Ever dreamed of cooking delicious dishes from around the world and discovering exotic cultures? It’s possible to achieve your dreams in Cooking Madness! Play one of 2023’s most addicting time-management cooking games for FREE!

Experiencing amazing restaurants and exotic foods across the globe

  • In addition to 55 high-quality theme restaurants, Cooking Madness boasts 2200+ exciting levels and hundreds of ingredients!
  • From Mexico’s spicy flavors to Paris’ culinary sophistication, from hearty burgers to delicate sushi, surprises await you in every exciting area of the map! Learn hundreds of delicious recipes from around the world and fill your chef’s collection handbook!

You’ll need to practice your cooking techniques and time management – a real Mad Chef makes use of both hands and brains in the kitchen!

  • Diners are ravenous for tasty dishes! Just a few taps on the screen, and it’s done! As a professional chef, you prepare, cook, and serve scrumptious meals!
  • But strategy is more important than speed! Is it possible to prepare the right ingredients, juggle multiple dishes, and serve each customer just in time to collect the biggest bonus? Put your time-management skills to the test and devise the ideal strategy for each challenging level!

To reach the peak of culinary excellence, upgrade your culinary arsenal and earn achievement rewards

  • For the most exquisite dishes, you’ll need the best ingredients and the best equipment. Level up and reinvest coins in upgrading your kitchen!
  • With the achievement handbook, you can see your milestones on the way to becoming a master chef, as well as claim some well-deserved rewards! You can use these to further boost your progress and never give up!

Play this game and enjoy some juicy in-game content

  • Get a taste of festive atmospheres with limited-time restaurants. Whether it’s Halloween, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or Dragon Boat Festival, savor the magic of a cultural adventure!
  • A regular update featuring new restaurants and content keeps our chefs constantly challenged!
  • Have you fumbled on a level or run out of energy? Never fear! Get together with friends on Facebook, share energy, and join a team. Let’s succumb to the cooking fever together and share our newest culinary triumphs!
  • Your restaurants can be opened anywhere and at any time, without the need for an internet connection. Embrace the joy of cooking, no strings attached!

Cooking games have never been so fun! Put on your apron and experience the craze of cooking today!


The Cooking Madness APK offers an exciting and challenging cooking game on your Android device. The game’s vibrant visuals and engaging gameplay provide players with an immersive cooking experience. This game features hundreds of delicious recipes, each of which requires skill and precision. Fast-paced gameplay keeps players hooked, as they race against the clock to complete dishes and earn rewards. To keep players entertained, Cooking Madness APK also offers challenges and events. This game has addictive gameplay and customization options that will appeal to culinary enthusiasts as well as casual gamers.

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