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Always On Edge Music Lighting APK

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Muviz Edge provides a variety of lighting effects that are always displayed on the screen and can be freely customized. There are a variety of colors that can be applied to these lights or used as album colors. Listening to music also allows you to adjust the preview screen.

File NameAlways On Edge Music Lighting APK
Size23 MB
DeveloperSparkine Labs
RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
Rating3.0+ stars

Muviz Edge is the first app of its kind that displays a Live Music Visualizer around the edges of the screen while you listen to music. Over our exciting set of Always on Display Screens, you can even enjoy edge lighting.
This music companion adds edge music lighting to your new-age devices with edge-to-edge rounded screens.

It supports the major music apps
The audio visualizer lets you visualize music from various music apps, including offline and streaming music.

On display at all times
Edge visualizer can be enjoyed even after the screen has been turned off with our Always on Display screensaver.
There are a growing number of AODs available for independent use or in conjunction with our visualizers. A Custom Editor is included with our Always on Displays that enables extensive customization. Even the background of your AOD can be customized.

These are some of the AODs

  • Screensaver for iPhone (or) iPad
  • The Android 14 AOD Screensaver
  • Live moon phase AOD with the star field
  • Screensaver for Half Concentric Clock AOD
  • Screensaver for Pixel Concentric Clock AOD
  • Google Pixel AOD Screensaver
  • Nothing(1) Screensaver for AOD
  • Clock Screensaver for Solar System
  • The Eclipse Clock Screensaver for AOD
  • Flip Clock AOD Screensaver
  • The Android AOD screen saver 12 clock
  • Text Clock AOD Screensaver
  • Apple Watch Face AOD Screensaver
  • The blinky animation AOD screensaver
  • Clock AOD Screensaver for the retro 8-bit era
  • Here are a few more to come.

Customizable design packs

A responsive visualizer design pack is included specifically for screen edges, and it can be customized based on your style preferences. Enjoy fresh new designs along the way!

It’s a color palette galore

  • You can customize the visualizer colors in many ways using the app.
  • From a list of stock palettes, you can choose your colors.
  • Colors can be taken from the cover art or album cover of the currently playing album.
  • Colors from current album art will be automatically applied.
  • Create your custom color palette.
  • You can save all eye-catching color palettes to your palette collection.

Control options for the visualization

  • Choosing music sources for visualization is an option.
  • Keeping the screen on when the visualizer is active and dimming the background.
  • A way to hide the visualizer over fullscreen apps. Playing games or watching videos (while playing)
  • Select the apps over which the visualizer should be displayed.

A burn-in protection system

  • We build improved pixel shifting into our AODs to prevent burn-in of AMOLED screens.


The Always On Edge Music Lighting APK offers unique features to enhance the music listening experience. Its intuitive interface and customizable settings make it easy for users to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Its edge lighting feature adds a touch of visual interest, while its music visualizer makes it visually appealing. Additionally, the option to synchronize the light effects with the music makes the experience even more engaging. This music lighting application is a great addition to anyone’s music library and is sure to make music listening more enjoyable.

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